ˈvəːsətʌɪl/, 1. able to adapt to many different functions or activities. 2. Flexible, all-round, multitalented, resourceful.

Hello I am Thatiana, I’m 29 years old born in the cold Wednesday of 1st of June of 1988, which means that, yes, I am a Gemini. Leaving the ugly part of it to your own imagination, the good news is that I am an extremely versatile person, naturally curious for everything that surrounds me and, recently, a world explorer . This, professionally and personally speaking, means that I am very sensitive in the understanding of local/global cultures and easily adaptable to any environment. And I seek changes. All-the-freaking-time.

I grew up in Brazil where I studied Communications, Graphic Design and Photography. Five years ago, I decided to swap the beaches and my comfort zone for a less pretentious kind of life and new adventures, so I often have a backpack on my shoulders and my favorite hobby is to explore (and learn with) the unknown. Since then, I am documenting the world as I see it.

I fell in love with photographing people and capturing unique moments that will bring special memories to life. With my Communications and Graphic Design background I always approach my sessions with a storyteller eye, which allows me to tell your story to other people through unique, graphically appealing & unforgettable images.


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